Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Voice Season Four!

The Voice show of NBC did a great rating this year mainly because of the new talents that has incredible voice such as Terry McDermott, Amanda Brown, Nicholas David and of course  the fabulous winner this year, Cassadee Pope.

Team Blake did a great job winning again this year and that is two times in a row! Unfortunately Christina Aguillera will be busy for a come back on music and will be fully occupied making a new record while Cee Lo Green had a voluntary break on the show which is not really surprising after the Cee Lo sex scandal came out in which an unidentified woman claimed that Cee Lo has drugged her after a date in order to have sex with her. Fans of the show would be missing the two judges but no need to worry, the producers make it more exciting as Shakira and my favorite artist Usher would be joining Adam Levigne and Blake on pushing buttons this March 2013 as the new season opens up for the blind audition.

Here's the new funny  promo video with Shakira and Usher

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kelly Rowland Nip Slip!

Kelly Rowland has been struggling these past few years to uplift her career but just after her first solo album was released as Kelly Rowland there has been a lot of ups and down moments for the former Destiny's Child's member . Since a lot of pop stars has taken the spotlight recently such as Nikki Minaj, Rihanna, Katy Perry and a lot more artists that sprout out of nowhere from singing contests, to YouTube sensations (Oppa Gangnam Style!) what gimmick could be good enough to make some noise and get noticed again? Eh.. how about a nip slip for an album promotion? Anyway, her bra was too high at the start of the performance, how can she not notice anything until the end of the show? I guess the crowd got to see more than what they paid for.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Marc Anthony to Shannon De Lima -- This Tattoo's for YOU ... and America |

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Marc Anthony is making things permanent with his new 24-year-old hottie -- by branding himself with a tattoo of the Statue of Liberty ... a tribute to his GF and his new found "freedom."

Sources close to the singer tell TMZ ... Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima was with Marc when a spot-on replica of Lady Liberty was tatted inside his right wrist on New Year's Eve in Miami. Marc's 17-year-old daughter Ariana (above, right) was also front and center.

We're told "Statue of Liberty" is Marc's pet name for Shannon ... because she "freed" him from his past. While he was at it -- Marc and Ariana also got unspecified matching tats on their outer wrists.

Fun fact: A "Jennifer" tattoo used to be on Marc's right wrist. Let freedom ring.