Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sofia Vergara Boobs Exposed!

The "Modern Family" star made a big bang to welcome the New Year when she accidentally exposed her soft plumpy breast due to shoving and pushing during the fight at a club in Miami. 

It has been reported that Sofia jumped in to the fight by trying to help her fiance Nick Loeb from being harassed by the body guards of some VIP costumer of the club  (Fred Khalilian)  but she was pushed unintentionally because of the commotion. 

Sofia and her fiance according to was sitting next to a VIP named Fred Khalilian. Well, who the hell is Fred Khalilian?  Paris Hilton and Fred Khalilian are known to be friends and they use to own a few worthless clubs in Florida.To make the story short he hired a bunch of bulky bodyguards during the New Year's eve party in which he pays a whooping $75k just to protect his dear life, so the VIPs who was present during the party was simply annoyed because they were not able to enjoy the night and dance due to the bodyguards who created a circle human shield that occupies a lot of space which is supposed to be for Sofia and Nick and his family to dance.