Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beyonce Is Pregnant With Jay Z

Proud Parents  Mnnnnnnnnn?

After two years of marriage, Jay Z and Beyonce are finally expecting their first child. Rumors have been spreading all over blogs, magazines and news that Beyonce was pregnant and having a little baby bump as seen on some her exposures on the media. But the question is could that be true? 

This is a statement from a close friend of the couple who told America's OK! magazine: "I've heard from at least two people that Beyonce is pregnant."

While Mediatakeout says they’ve “learned from a ROCK SOLID source,” that the pop superstar’s expecting, and “is doing fine and resting (for now).”
Mediatakeout: “You will probably see other news sources pick up on this in coming days,” continues MediaTakeOut, “But when you do — don’t forget where you saw it first.”

But according to GossipCop, none of these rumors are true. The website accuses Mediatakeout as an unreliable source of information when it comes to celebrity pregnancy and called the site "Media Fake Out".

According to Beyonce’s fans if the rumor about her, being pregnant is true then they would be really very happy for Jay Z and Bey and wishes her a healthy and happy pregnancy. 


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