Friday, February 18, 2011

No Grammy for Justin

Justin Bieber fans were shocked during the 2011 Grammy Awards night when Bieber loses out for the Best New Artist award to rising jazz artist Esperanza Spalding. Bieber fans attacked and insulted the new jazz singer and called her "the best unknown artist" aside from the many tweets on her official account.

Bieber has been nominated at Grammys for the new artist and best pop vocal album and failed to win either award. Not only Beiber failed to win that night but also Eminem who was expected to get The coveted album of the year award for his comeback record 'Recovery' (who got the highest sells in the US) and it went instead to Arcade Fire for 'The Suburbs'.

Despite going home empty-handed, the 16-year-old singer wasn't upset.  "I had a great night, we performed, I got to perform with my mentor, which is amazing, and yeah, that's really all I got to say", Bieber said on Sunday.

With regards to Bieber fans attacking the jazz artist, Spalding stated "I didn't beat him. He sold more records than me — did he beat me? We're doing our thing in our respective fields and he's unquestionably a talented young man, so his fans will be getting lots more CDs to sink their teeth into. And he has great hair and I have great hair"


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