Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lady Gaga

Going gaga over Lady Gaga? Well I guess you just get into the right place. More trivia, news and photos about gaga on my page which I found all over the internet. I have encountered some really weird videos of the haters and die hard fans of hers which is really very interesting for me as I saw she affect many people of different races, ages and religions. Anyways, I am just really enthralled by her sudden rise to stardom just as fast as the flash of these cameras taking pictures of her wherever she goes. Honestly, when I first heard Poker Face on the radio all I can say is that it's just like one of the few songs that I heard in my life which makes a replay by itself inside my head. Admit it! It also happened to you, first you heard the song you listen and you liked the beat, and then you seemed to have a little cd player on your brain playing this song over and over again and after that you realize you are just as addicted to this music while you caught yourself humming her song again the next day lol. 

Aside from her feel good music and easy to sing along with lyrics (some of which she really composed by herself)  I also am one of the people who was amazed, shocked or even got confused of her eccentric, one of a kind, fab, weird and quite entertaining sense of fashion. Lady Gaga is a good musician and a possessed performer on stage which I really think are some of the qualities of a really good singer/performer were looking for, a total package for the so called artist in this music industry.

              Lady Gaga is extremely revolutionary in her musical style and talents as well as her fashion.

Lately there has been some allegations and rumors floating around the net of her being a hermaphrodite or even a man. Rumors to that effect burst out when a video was posted on Youtube when a little something peeked out while she was performing. But this is way too impossible for a proof that she has two sexual organs or even to tell she is a man. I guess these stories would just make her even more popular and gain more interviews for her which means more $$$! :P lol.. So thanks to who ever think of that rumor. As of now I guess everybody would agree that Lady Gaga is the first and the most watched and favorited in the music industry as of the present. So good luck to her, and I hope she doesn't run out of more entertaining performances, music and fashion to cater to all of us. :-)


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