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Pink Trivia

  • Avoids going to concerts by pop stars who mime along to their tracks, like Britney Spears, because she thinks all singers should be able to recreate their work live.
  • Says she has been having nightmares about kangaroos. She dreamed a pair of the hopping Australian animals destroyed the home she shares with her motocross racer husband Carey Hart. (October 2009)
  • Wrote on her Twitter page she has an infestation of wasps in her backyard, but doesn't want to call out an exterminator to kill them. (September 2009)
  • Believes the only way to stop celebrities wearing animal skins is to tease them about their weight, saying fur makes them look fat. (August 2009)
  • Branded John Mayer her most-hated celebrity after they met at a party in the Hollywood Hills. (October 2009)
  • Admits she often loses her temper with people she disagrees with. She revealed she was on the verge of committing suicide when a yacht captain constantly irritated her during a trip with husband Carey Hart.
  • Claims her dog has calmed down since she stopped calling him F**ker. She was forced to change her pet's obscene name to Fred when her dad took charge of the animal. (may 2009)
  • Pink and Carey Hart have renewed their wedding vows. (May 16, 2009)
  • Despite reports the recently reconciled couple are planning a lavish wedding to renew their vows, Pink insists she and Carey are happy to just be together. (April 2009)
  • Pink and Carey Hart, who recently reunited after separating in February 2008, say they will do anything to make sure they don't part ways again. (April 2009)
  • Is addicted to extreme sports like trapeze, flipping motorcycles, bungee jumping, and skydiving. She loves the rush she gets from taking part in dangerous activities and is always looking for new ways to get her adrenaline flowing.
  • Donated $250,000 to the bushfire appeal in Australia. (February 2009)
  • Wants to give her estranged husband away if he marries again. (January 2009)
  • Says her favorite tattoo is one which says, What comes around goes around, because it reflects her perspective on life.
  • Wants to 'rock' on Elton John's piano and perform with Billy Joel. (October 2008)
pink is so wasted

  • Says she would never be a 'permanent' lesbian, but admits 'experimenting' with women.
  • Believes people in the States still consider her to be unhinged because of her turbulent life, despite phenomenal record sales. (September 2008)
  • Said a 13-year-old fan's rape ordeal stopped her from quitting music. The fan urged the star to never stop because her music gave her a reason to live.
  • Her estranged husband Carey Hart says he regularly speaks to her and ''misses everything'' about her. (July 2008)
  • Split from her husband. (February 19, 2008)
  • As of 2008, she has released four albums including M!ssundaztood (2001), which sold 13 million copies worldwide.
  • Pink and motocross racer Carey Hart have separated after two years of marriage. (February 19, 2008)
  • Has slammed Beyonce Knowles for wearing fur. (November 14, 2006)
  • Has revealed she had a witch put a spell on motocross racer Carey Hart to ensure he is devoted to her for the rest of her life. (September 12, 2006)
  • Has been chosen as the official voice of NBC Sunday Night Football. (August 31, 2006)
  • Jokes that she is ''trisexual'' - because she fancies everyone. (June 8, 2006)
  • Says she loves kissing her pet dogs because it's ''nourishing.'' (May 17, 2006)
  • Really admires Oprah, Jolie, and Witherspoon. (April 10, 2006)
  • Said her brother stole her lesbian lover when she was 13. She confessed she received therapy after the break up and was still upset about it years later.
  • Confessed that she took heroin when she was a teenager, but she turned her back on the opiate aged just 16 as she focused on succeeding as a singer.
  • Says she needs to fight with her husband Carey Hart - because being in love ruins her creativity. (March 21, 2006)
  • Married motocross racer boyfriend Carey Hart in a Costa Rica ceremony on January 7, 2005.
  • Parodied Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Nicole Richie and several other Hollywood celebrities on the music video for her single Stupid Girls, in which she deplored the lack of good role models for girls (February 2006).
  • Says she's going to be a girl and wear a dress when she marries fiance Carey Hart. (December 22, 2005)
  • Confessed that she has a crush on Kelly Osbourne after they met at a concert aimed at raising the awareness of gay marriages in New York, saying, I think Kelly's straight but she's really sexy. I could just eat her up. (November 11, 2005)
  • Proposed motocross champion Carey Hart during the motocross champion's third lap on the race. Pink reportedly wrote on a pit board, Will You Marry Me? and held it up in front of the grandstands. Then, as Hart continued another lap, Pink wrote on the board again, this time, I'm serious! Hart then pulled off the track, letting his competitors pass him, and picked up her. (July 1, 2005)


  • She was voted one of Choice USA's Top 30 Under 30 activists for reproductive freedom in 2004.
  • Scrapped plans to linger in Prague for a few days after a weekend concert, because of security fears after a bomb exploded at a downtown casino. (August 5, 2004)
  • Has been cast as Janis Joplin in an upcoming indie biopic. (April 6, 2004)
  • Is featured in a new Gladiator-style ad for Pepsi. (January 20, 2004)
  • Her streaks was named worst female hair color in a celebrity hair survey conducted by Wella. (December 20, 2003)
  • Pink and Christina Aguilera recently banned each other from attending their respective London parties. Pink was planning on checking out Aguilera's after-show bash at a London nightclub, until discovering that she wasn't invited to the event. However, she got her own sweet revenge on Aguilera on Tuesday (November 4) night when she told the bouncer at her album promotion party not to let Aguilera in the door. (November 7, 2003)
  • Pink proved her attraction to Kristanna Loken was more than just a one night stand when she was again spotted getting cozy with the blonde -- The pair were snapped sharing lusty dance floor kisses at a party in Monte Carlo on Saturday night, and the next night they continued their antics at exclusive nightclub Jimmy'z. (October 14, 2003)
  • Says she doesn't care about the sales figures of her upcoming album Try This as long as people listen to her music and her lyrics. (October 13, 2003)
  • Pink has written a letter to Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, urging her to stop running fur promotions in the pages of the fashion magazine -- Pink writes in the letter, Fashion is about changing with the times. With that in mind I urge you to modernize your magazine and stop promoting fur! (August 9, 2003)
  • Pink, Nas, David Bowie, and Nickelback have recorded new songs for the CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE soundtrack, due June 24 on Columbia Records/Sony Music Soundtrax. (May 29, 2003)
  • Pink's hit singles Family Portrait and Just Like A Pill, and Lavigne's I'm With You are featured on the new 18-song collection, Ultimate Smash Hits, due June 3. (May 29, 2003)
  • The drummer for Pink was arrested Sunday in Hawaii, but was bailed out in time to play the singer's show Wednesday, the final date of her world tour -- during a routine passport check of musician William Johnson, authorities discovered there was a warrant for his arrest for grand larceny in New York. (December 21, 2002)
  • Despite the arrest of her drummer over the weekend, Pink will still get the party started in Honolulu Wednesday on the last stop of her six-month world tour -- drummer William Johnson was arrested Sunday when a routine passport check revealed a warrant for his arrest for grand larceny in New York. (December 20, 2002)
  • Pink might be headed down the aisle with extreme motocross rider Carey Hart -- That's where it's going to lead to, Hart told a Las Vegas journal on Monday at the Hard Rock Hotel, where he attended a party after the Billboard Music Awards, but Pink's publicist confirmed Friday that the two are dating, but said there are no marriage plans. (December 16, 2002)
  • Once rented a yacht on the Mediterranean Sea; between seasickness and breaking a rib while diving, she described it later as the stupidest, most expensive thing I've ever done.
  • Being a passionate campaigner for PETA, she once sent a letter to Prince William Windsor criticizing him for fox hunting and to Queen Elizabeth II protesting the use of real fur in bearskins of the Honourable Artillery Company and the Foot Guards.

  • Born to James Moore, a Vietnam veteran, and his then wife Judy Kugel, a nurse.
  • Claims her name derives from the movie RESERVOIR DOGS (1992). while seeing the movie with friends, they all agreed that she resembled the character Mr. Pink, played by Steve Buscemi. They thought the name to be a great irony, as she was a tomboy.
  • Follows a strict vegan lifestyle.
  • Her father is a Vietnam veteran.
  • Her favorite colors are green and pink.
  • Her first concert took place in Orlando, Florida.
  • Her hit song There You Go was dubbed the I Will Survive for the new millennium by Teen People magazine.
  • Her natural hair color is blonde
  • Is good friends with Avril Lavigne and Lisa Marie Presley.
  • Is of Irish, German and Lithuanian descent from her father's side.
  • Ranked #57 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.
  • She's a big supporter of the animal-rights organization PETA.
  • Sometimes writes her name: P!nk
  • Tarde Mark: Pink colors sometimes appear in her hair.
  • Was the lead singer of the rock band Middleground before getting a record deal.
  • American singer-songwriter.
  • Dated Tommy Lee.
  • Dislikes horror movies.
  • Also credited as: the Moulin Rouge Girls / Alecia Moore / Alicia Moore / P!nk
  • Heroin is a horrible thing. I've seen first hand what it can do to people and it's not pretty. I was never that much into it to need treatment. But you name it, I took it. I buried three friends from heroin overdoses. I just stopped one day on Thanksgiving 1995 and never touched them again."
  • I decided at 15 that I didn’t want to be one of those artists that gets up and sings love songs they don’t mean. I decided that I was going to be me to the fullest extent, that my songs were going to reflect relationships I’ve had, things I’ve been through, and even the stuff I’m embarrassed about.
  • My dad always played guitar and taught me songs by Dylan and McLean. But his love of music left an indelible mark on Pink. Ever since I can remember, I think before I could talk, I sang."
  • The tour is going to be so fun! It's my first tour, and then I hook up with Lenny Kravitz. And it's gong to be very diverse because there's the last album (Can't Take Me Home) and then this album, and somehow they have to come together, so it's going to be very interesting.
  • My dad raised me with some good advice: "Always tell the truth. Always shoot from the hip. You might not have many friends, but you'll never have enemies, because people will always know where you're coming from."“
  • I appreciate being a girl more now than ever. There's a struggle involved in it, but it's so rewarding when you prove to all men that you might have something up on 'em.“
  • I have to speak for myself. As far as videos go--casting, the artwork, everything--I'm completely hands-on. You have to be if you want your points across.“
  • I'm about to make people forget about Madonna.“
  • I've always loved to prove people wrong. I want to be able to cross color lines, because in music, there really is no barrier.“
  • When I was in seventh grade my mom caught me smoking cigarettes and punished me by making me smoke the entire carton. All it did was piss me off because I was out of cigarettes.“


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