Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lady Gaga Daring Outfit

Lady Gaga won three awards as the best international female artist, best international breakthrough act and best international album for ‘The Fame’ in the recent Brit Awards.
At the event Lady Gaga also paid tribute to the late designer Alexander McQueen,the guy who made her outfit during her speech.

Lady Gaga wore a white wig and lace outfit on her performance. People are always looking forward to her fashion statement but that night the fans and viewers have seen more than that. The event become more exciting when Lady Gaga's vagina flashed out from the lace design of her skimpy outfit. At some photos it looked a little bit mangled, which could be from the lace of her outfit or the thong she's wearing. Did Gaga show that on purpose or was it  merely a wardrobe malfunction? Anyways, this will surely put the hermaphrodite rumor into an end.


Anonymous said...

wow i thought it was a she male and her vigina is probably all wrinkly and crusty because she probably has never got laid

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